Now Optimized for the iPhone / iPod Touch

Today I installed the excellent WordPress plugin WPTouch to my blog at With this plugin installed, my blog is now optimized for display on the iPhone or iPod Touch. If you have one of these devices, check out how looks on it. You’ll notice a very compact, highly readable, clean and “iPhone” like appearance.

The folks at BraveNewCode have really done an excellent job with this plug-in. It was very easy to install and configure. They provide a template for customizing icons, and I was easily able to create my own “badge” that appears if you add my blog to your iPhone’s home screen.

In fact, I like the look of this “mobile edition” of my blog so much, I’m hoping that BraveNewCode releases a full WordPress theme based on the WPTouch plugin. They do offer a minimalist theme called Minimalia, which looks both simple and flexible. They suggest on their website that a 2.0 version of the theme is in development. It would be great if they integrate some of the WPTouch flavor into this theme.