Could I be Frasier’s double?

So I was in a BestBuy store yesterday when one of the clerks there said “you are a dead ringer for a celebrity, but I just can’t figure out who it is.”  He suggested I go to one of the various celebrity look alike sites on the net and find out who is my “celebrity double.”

So this morning I visited a few of these sites, including the one at, where I was able to create the following “morph movie.”  What do you think…if I shaved off my beard, could I pass for Kelsey Gramer?

A furry web on the iPhone?

Now this one’s rather strange, but some might enjoy it. If you’ve seen the latest ads for Apple’s iPhone, you may appreciate this oddly humorous version, compliments of the folks at This Just In. It’s just incredible how much hype the iPhone is getting, both positive and negative…and in this case satirical.

And just think, in less than two weeks, you’ll be able to watch this video on your iPhone (if you’re lucky enough to get one).

iPhone on Saturday Night Live

Here’s a clip from Saturday Night Live where they parody Steve Job’s announcement of the iPhone on their “Weekend Update” sketch. It’s already a big hit on YouTube.
Actually, the battery life is supposed to be around 5 hours for playback of video, web browsing and talk time, and 16 hours if used for music listening. At least that’s the official specifications from Apple. Of course, since the product won’t officially be released for a few months, we’ll have to wait and see how the iPhone’s battery holds up in “real world” application.