Obama is coming to town

It’s official.  Barack Obama will be coming to West Chester University this Wednesday afternoon. But it’s not for a stump speech or an open discussion.  No, Obama will be on a TV show that is being hosted on campus.  And not everyone can get in; you need to get a ticket if you want to see the show.

So this afternoon, I got a ticket. Here’s a picture of the ticket itself.  I found the wording interesting: “West Chester University of Pennsylvania presents ‘Hardball with Chris Matthews’ 2008 College Tour with Special Guest Senator Barack Obama.”  I wonder how I should interpret the statement that WCU “presents” this event.  Should I take this to mean that WCU is sponsoring this event? Or does it mean that MSNBC (the cable channel that airs Hardball) is just using WCU as a remote venue for the program?  Is it costing WCU something in order to bring this show to town?

One thing this event IS costing us is the use of a parking lot for two days.  Tomorrow and Wednesday, the parking lot next to Hollinger Field House will be closed.  This is a pretty big lot, and it means that a lot more people will be trolling the remaining parking lots looking for a spot to park their wheels.  At least the Sharpless Street garage has announced that they are providing free parking during the lot closure.

When I picked up my ticket, I was told that “no backpacks will be allowed,” and I’ll need to present my WCU ID card along with the ticket to get in.  They would only give me one ticket, so I couldn’t bring my wife along.  Oh well. I guess she’ll have to watch it on TV like everyone else.

So if you’re watching MSNBC Wednesday afternoon, look for me in the crowd.  Or not.

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