MacUpdate and MacHeist

This past week, the venerable MacUpdate has been running a special bundle promotion.  For just $49.99, one could get a bundle of eight very useful Mac programs, including one of my favorites, ProfCast.  If you are a professor using Keynote or PowerPoint on a Mac, and want to easily make enhanced podcasts of your lectures, ProfCast is for you.  It simplifies the process greatly, and helps you focus on more important things than editing XML and publishing RSS feeds.

But wait…there’s more!  If enough people buy the bundle, one or two more applications will be “unlocked.”  If 3,800 bundles are sold, the drawing program Intaglio would be added.  And if the 6,000 bundle figure is reached, TechTool Pro will be included.  I’ve been using earlier versions of TechTool Pro for many years, and it’s one of the best testing and diagnostic tools available for the Mac.

But wait…there’s still more!  The great minds behind MacHeist have developed an even more appealing way to get the bundle.  If you buy the MacUpdate bundle through their special link, you’ll not only get all of the apps in the bundle, you’ll also get four additional programs, plus special preview access to two programs in beta.  All told, that’s 15 programs (16 if TechTool Pro is added) plus a free membership in MacUpdate if you send out the bundle invitation coupons.  That’s about $3 a program.

What a deal!  If you use a Mac, you owe it to yourself to at least check this out.

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