CMA 2004 Convention

The Convention HotelOn November 3, the day after the 2004 Presidential election, I travelled with a group of my students from The Quad to the annual College Media Convention. It was a great convention, with many informative sessions for students involved in college media, including newspapers, radio, television, yearbooks and the web. At one of the sessions, I gave a presentation on “The Future of Automation for Noncommercial Radio.” It was fairly well attended for an 8 a.m. session, despite the fact that Shanai Twain was giving a free concert in the streets of Nashville at the same time as part of the Good Morning America television program. 
Welcome to the 2004 College Media Convention
Welcome to the College Media Convention

Good Morning America and Shania Twain
Good Morning America hosts Shanai Twain

Lauren and Kelli kicking it up
Lauren and Kelli kicking it up in Nashville

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